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About Us

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At Pâtisserie du Vin, we believe that wine doesn’t need to be complicated to be appreciated.

Our aim is to offer simple, approachable and well-made French wines that are fruitier in style and reminiscent of some of the most popular French cakes usually found in pâtisserie shops.

Our Chardonnay-Muscat has flavours reminiscent of a Tarte Tatin (a traditional French upside down apple tart): Baked apple and a buttery character, while our Grenache-Syrah-Merlot offers flavours of black cherries and spicy vanilla, similar to a Clafoutis (a traditional French flan like cherry cake).

Our wines have a richness and fruitiness that is perfectly balanced with the fruit characters.

They have been created for drinking on their own or to be enjoyed at every stage of a meal.

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